Burning A Fresh Image And Updating Software

From time to time Ubiquity Robotics will be updating either the full Raspberry Pi image, the working software on the Raspberry Pi. This page also contains a link to the page for firmware on the Motor Controller Board.

Raspberry Pi Image Update

To check or update the full Raspberry Pi image, visit the Ubiquity Robotics Download page. Updating a full image will lead to loss of any customization you have done. Never destroy your old card till you know you have everything on the new image.

Linux Host Software Update

More frequently you may want to just update the software on the Linux host computer. Use apt-get as follows to update any new Linux software for Magni:

On your workstation, start a terminal window (Linux shortcut: ctrl-alt-t). In that window, log in by typing:

ssh ubuntu@ubiquityrobot.local (use the robot’s name or IP address)

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

This may take some time, since it may have been a while since the original image was made.

Motor Controller Firmware Upgrade

Sometimes you may need to get a firmware upgrade for your Motor Controller board. This operation is less frequently needed and in general we advise customers to do the firmware upgrade only if they run into an issue we know we have addressed in an update.

To get the firmware upgrade follow the process on the firmware-upgrade page.