Welcome to EZ-Map. Following this wiki should allow you to to map a room with a lidar and set up routes to execute, or drive the robot around using video streaming and remote control.


Make sure you have all of these items assembled and ready to go before continuing.

Magni robot

You’ll need a robot to run the software, so if you are unfamilliar with the basics, start with the Overview category in the navbar to get up to speed on how to use and assemble your robot.

If you intend to use EZ-Map with the optional Tower & Shell, make sure you install that as well using the assembly instructions.

LiDAR sensor

EZ-Map requires a lidar for mapping, so one will need to be mounted before you can start.

While those two are supported out of the box, it’s possible to run the suite with other lidars sensors, however the proper ROS driver is required. Please contact ubiquity support for help with that.

NOTE: Most of the documentation in this wiki (outside the EZ-Map section) is intended for people working with the a bare bones robot with a stock vanilla image, so while following teh assembly guides are fine, keep in mind that the manual software configurations listed should be ignored for EZ-Map. The setup may be slightly different and you should be able to make changes from a GUI and that will likely overwrite your manual file edits.

Pi Camera

The camera used for remote viewing and fiducial marker detection that should already be included with the Magni, see the setup instructions page on how to mount it.

EZ-Map software image

Usually delivered via email sendout. Once you have your img.xz file downloaded see the guide on how to flash one it to a micro SD card.

See the changelogs page to verify you have the latest version for your platform)

Next up?

Once you have all that set up and the robot boots, continue to the getting started page.