How to drive with a Smartphone or workstation using Robot Commander in AP mode


Robot Commander can be used on an Android phone. iPhone’s are not currently supported.

Robot Commander

To use an Android phone:

  1. Turn the robot on.
  2. If you haven’t, install the Robot Commander app on your Android phone. Download it on your phone at
  3. Allow at least 1 minute after turning the robot on to allow the robot to boot up. The robot will come up as its own WiFi network. So on the phone, if you go to Settings/WiFi, you should see a WiFi network that looks something likeubiquityrobotXXXX, where XXXX corresponds to 4 hexadecimal digits. Connect to this network. The password is robotseverywhere. If you cant find robot’s WiFi network, try restarting your robot
  4. Start the Robot Commander app.
  5. Enter the address ubiquityrobot.local in the space to the left of the Connect button. Continue with #6 below.

Using Robot Commander To Move The Robot

Robot Commander Simple Movement Commands

Using Robot Commander In Navigation Mode

A mostly experimental mode of Robot Commander is to allow setting of waypoints which are a specific location and direction of the robot when full robot navigation is in use and our move_basic node is up and running.

Full navigation is an advanced robot mode of operation but to get a general feel for one such mode you may wish to visit Our Fiducial-Based Localization page

Assuming navigation is running and the robot is set to know it’s location in the map then Robot Commander can be used to set and return to waypoints that you define within Robot Commander.

Set a waypoint

Perhaps you may wish to drive to more locations and define other waypoints such as waypoint beta and so on.

Goto A waypoint

Voice Commands For Navigation mode

The following list are voice commands that can be used if the robot is in a full navigation mode within a pre-defined map.