Raspberry Pi Images

See the Software Images and SD Card Flashing guide on how to install the following images.

Download 2022-05-10-ubiquity-focal-base
OS Version Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
ROS Noetic
Architecture armhf (32 bit)
SHA256 Sum 7692a22265421b511baf8c2563ca20bf27bbe64f7f4a696923b56d0e1cc139ec
Status Latest
Notes Added support for rev 1.5 Pi 4s, no desktop.

Download 2022-03-29-ubiquity-gdm3-beta2
OS Version Ubuntu 20.04 LTS + GDM3
ROS Noetic
Architecture armhf (32 bit)
SHA256 Sum eb9da2da181e89b2e22c9f42a9031aee890164bcb64bed0c25165439ccb4f64a
Status Active
Notes Second noetic beta image, with gnome desktop.

Download 2021-08-06-focal
OS Version Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
ROS Noetic
Architecture armhf (32 bit)
SHA256 Sum e4a5e7df6cf4f2542d68bc6162aa5f5c1bd976447807a4a0b2184c62a82e4089
Status Deprecated
Notes First noetic beta, headless only.

About the Pi Images

The Ubiquity Robotics Raspberry Pi images are based on Ubuntu. They are pre-installed with ROS, perfect for building your Raspberry Pi robots. Based on the wonderful work of the (now defunct) Ubuntu Pi Flavor Makers.

The Pi Images are designed to work with the Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B and B+) and Raspberry Pi 4B (2GB and 4GB), we do not test on any other Pi’s. They are known to not work at all on the Original Pi and the Pi Zero.

You can also support the image developers by donating :)

Academic Use

The distribution is hosted, maintained and distributed without any charge to anyone. We do request, however, that if you are using it for academic or research purposes that you email us a copy of / link to any research output, including papers, masters or PhD thesis, reports or published code, we love that stuff and voraciously read it. You can send it to researchreports@ubiquityrobotics.com.

Image Bugs and Contributions

The latest image listed here is to the best of our knowledge functional and stable, however if you catch any bugs or run into trouble, please file a Github Issue, or email us at support@ubiquityrobotics.com.