Getting Started


This is a list of all you’ll need in order to get Ubiquity robots up and running.

2x 12V Lead Acid Battery

As the robot ships without batteries.

CR2032 Coin Battery

To power up the real time clock and make sure robot time is always accurate.

Wifi and SSH Capable Computer

Most of the live administration to the robot is normally done by opening an SSH console to the host computer. As such you need what’s likely to be a laptop and a capability to run SSH (via Terminal on Mac and Linux or through puTTY on Windows).

Note: Not required for Conveyorbot.


I’ve you’re using EZ-Map and a LiDAR sensor, continue with EZ-Map set up.


If you’re using the Coveyorbot package, which includes the tower and fiducial markers, continue with Conveyorbot set up.

For advanced use:

Note: Only continue with this if you intend to get more involved with the stock magni, it’s not required for the average user.

Linux compatible computer or virtual machine

The Magni robot is normally running all the software for whatever sensors and navigation mode you are using for your project, but as viewing data through a terminal is very limited, it is handy to have a proper ROS workstation so you can visualize the data on your workstation using RViz and run more demanding nodes locally that can then interact with the robot through ROS.