Programming Your Robot


ROS has a wide user bases and there are lots of resources to learn how to program with it.

ROS Texts

Some of the texts that are widely acknowledged as excellent include:

A Gentle introduction to ROS - Free online textbook style guide

Programming Robots with ROS - Was written by many of the original developers of ROS

ROS Tutorials - An online resource maintained by The Open Source Robotics Foundation

Online lecture courses

In addition there are a number of lecture series on ROS some that can be found online include:

Programming for Robotics - ROS From ETH Zurich

Introduction to Robotics From Bar-Ilan University

Starter Code

For those of you who want to dive straight in to code - we’ve provided a couple of example projects. They also provide a lot of the basic infrastructure you need and create a starting point.

Fiducial Follow

This code follows a fiducial marker. Follow this link to learn how Fiducial Follow works. The app itself contains the bindings that are needed to do useful work with fiducials. Click here for The Fiducial Follow App code repository

Move Demo

Move demo This code simply moves the robot. It includes all the bindings to external services that both navigate and drive the robot.

Good Luck!!

If you have issues conisder posting your question to other than that - we hope you have much success developing your applications with Magni.